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What Should You Do If You Get into a Car Accident?

A car accident can completely curb your senses and provoke anxious reactions. It can also generate feelings of confusion, numbness and apprehension. It is very difficult to maintain your sane and reasoning mind in an unseen situation such as this.
But there are certain things you should definitely do if you ever get into a car accident. Those include:

Check for Injuries
First things first, check yourself for injuries. From sprains, to cuts and bruises, a bad car accident can leave you shaken or give you a concussion at the least and give you a profusely bleeding injury at the worst, if it doesn’t kill you on impact.

Get Out Of the Car
Once you determine that you are unharmed or in no major danger, unbuckle your seat belt and get out of your car.

Check Others for Injuries
If there were other people involved in the accident, make sure none of them are in immediate need to medical assistance. If they are, call for an ambulance and help them out as much as you can while you wait for it to arrive.

Move Your Car

Meanwhile, move your car to the side of the road. You can also flip your turning indicators on to alert other drivers that your car won’t be moving anywhere. You should also get out of your car to save yourself from any additional trouble. Don’t forget to close the windows, turn off the engine and adjust your hand brake if you have been able to move the vehicle.

Call the Police
Once you are out of your car, you should definitely contact the police. Call them immediately and report your accident. Make sure you behave rationally when dealing with the officers. Do not blame anyone but do not accept the fault as well. Let the officials decide who was responsible for the occurrence of the crash.

Never Run Away from the Scene
Do not make the mistake of leaving or running away. It can cost you in the future. Make sure you do not try to hide, even if it’s your mistake. If there were serious injuries to any of the parties involved, you will face severe penalties and charges if you disappear without resolution.

Contact Your Insurance Company
After a car accident, the most difficult thing is to get your charges covered. It is very important to contact your insurance company immediately after the accident. The faster you inform them, the better it will be for you. You should describe the whole scenario but avoid putting blame on anyone. Do not exaggerate about your injuries or the severity of your accident. If your insurance providers find that your claims were false, you will get into big trouble. Try to get your matters resolved calmly and make sure you provide documented proofs to your insurance company at a later date as proof of the accident.

Do Not Go For Any Settlement on the Spot
Make sure you do not offer any settlement on the spot. If the other party was adversely affected, they might force you to sign settlement agreements. Do not take such steps under pressure. Make sure you involve the responsible authorities in the matter and let them make the decision.

Also, the initial settlement from your insurance company might be much less than the actual damage. In case of any physical injuries, car damages and other costs, you should wait for a few days to get an estimate of the required coverage. Make sure you get compensated for the entire amount you have lost. You can also hire an attorney to help you in resolving your issue and getting the rightful claim.

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