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Avoid Road Accident

(How to) Avoid road accident?

Accidents can be devastatingly tragic, but even the minor ones can be quite costly to the vehicle(s), drivers, passengers, and environment. Avoiding road accident requires nothing but self discipline.

1.Drowsy driver

Do not drive when drowsy. Wake up, arrive alive. Get plenty of sleep before you drive.

2.Don't drive impaired

Do not drive impaired. Don’t drink alcohol, take drugs, or drive when you’re sick. Turn your phone off. Don’t let your steering wheel off.

3.space cushion

Do drive in a space cushion. The space cushion leaves you a lot of space in front, a lot of space behind you, and plenty of space on each side. If you do have to maneuver suddenly, there will be plenty of space to do so.

4.keep your eyes moving

Keep your eyes moving. Don’t fix your gaze dead ahead and stay with it, check your mirrors often, check your space cushion often. You need to get and maintain a picture of everything that’s developing outside the car.


Make a habit of using your turn signal. If other drivers understand what you’re doing, they’re less likely to get in your way.

6. knowyourvehicle

Know your vehicle intimately. How far is the the front bumper from that post or telephone pole? How far does the right mirror stick out? Are the tires aired up properly? When you expect certain performance from your car (a sudden move should happen just like you intend it to) make sure you’re familiar enough with the car to get the performance you expect. Make sure the car is serviced properly. Tires, engine, lights, etc.

7. have self control

Have self control. Let people who want to drive faster pass you. Don’t worry about showing off. Who cares how fast your car can go? Relax. Driving is not at all about competition.


Avoid road accidents and reach your destination safely.

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