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What Should You Do If Your Insurance Company Refuses to Pay for a Rental Car?

In some cases, your insurance company might completely refuse to pay for a rental car damage. Firstly, you should try to analyze the reason behind getting refused to pay.

Know Why Your Insurance Company May Refuse to Provide Coverage
Here are the key possibilities behind getting your insurance claims rejected:

• Your insurance company might not pay you because the policy was not in force at the time of occurrence of the incident.
• You can also be refused payment for your rental car because you lied or exaggerated about the damages or the accident. Other than this, your policy will also be rejected if you didn’t disclose something important.

• The specific car damages were not covered by your insurance policy.
• You didn’t mention rental car service insurance in your policy.
• You failed to pay the total amount of your premium.
• You didn’t involve the officials at the right time
• You couldn’t follow the required conditions.
• You didn’t follow the claim process in a proper way.
These are some of the most common reasons your insurance provider might refuse to pay for your rental car damages.

What Should You Do Then?
Here are some of the key steps you can take to solve this problem:

Know Your Legal Rights
The first thing is to be very careful in dealing with your insurance company. Make sure you try to sort out your matters in the correct way. It is very important to be completely sure and certain about the next steps you aim to follow. Do not sign anything from the company before carefully reading it. The documents can be related to a waiver or agreement for not receiving compensation.

Hire an Attorney to Fight for You
Other than this, make sure you hire an experienced attorney to handle your case. If you are dealing with this situation for the first time, you should rely on your legal advisor. Get documented proofs for everything and have your paperwork ready in case of any unseen emergency.

Ask the Legal Advisor about the Steps You Can Take
Check the legal regulations and requirements in your state. If the compensation is for a big amount, you can also take legal actions against your insurance providers. What’s more, if the other driver has been proven guilty, you can charge them for the total costs as well. Other than this, a legal advisor will also help you in understanding whether or not you should take the matter seriously. You can get yourself into big trouble if you sue an insurance provider for the wrong reasons. Therefore, the advice of an experienced attorney is very important.

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