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What To Do After Accident

What to do after you had an accident?

Had an accident? We understand that it can be a stressful, confusing and difficult time. Which is why you might want to follow the guide below to prevent the incident from getting worse.

1. Stop your vehicle
Minor accident or something serious; according to Road Traffic Act, it’s an offence to leave without looking around if someone has been injured. Switch off the vehicle engine and turn hazard lights on so road users are alerted of your presence.

2. Call Emergency Service
Dial 999 or 101, if anyone is injured in the accident and ask for police (and/or ambulance if necessary). You should also let police know if your vehicle is blocking the road.

3. Giving details after an accident
Until you are sure you are responsible, avoid saying sorry or accepting blame of the incident.

You are obliged to provide your details (name and address), if you are involved in an accident. If a parked card has been hit, you should stop and leave your details on other cars windscreen.

It might result in fine, penalty points or disqualification, if you don’t report the accident to police within 24 hours.

4. Collect third party and/or witness details
Collect names, addresses and contact numbers etc. (as many details as possible) of drivers, passengers and witnesses. You might also want to get insurance details; also owners details if the driver is not the registered keeper.

Other information you should collect which would be helpful for later-
a. Details of all vehicles involved- registration number, vehicle make, model and colour.
b. Date and time of the incident,
c. Weather condition, lighting and quality of the road if anything unusual.
d. Name of police officer at the incident scene and report details.
e. List of damages of every vehicle involved and injury description of drivers, passengers or pedestrian.

You should call 999 if anyone involved in the accident refuses to provide details or leave the scene without providing details.

5. Make your claim
If you are at fault, you should contact you insurance provider and provide necessary details to make your claim. ALI Assist still can help with your personal injury and repairs; but you might have to pay excess.

If the incident is not your fault, contact an accident management company (not your insurance provider) and speak to a knowledgeable advisors to ensure, you get back on the road as quickly as possible. To find out why read our article on- Why use an accident management, not insurance company?

Accident Management Company manages the entire claims process on your behalf as part of a service designed to save you time and money, whilst eliminating the inconvenience of a non-fault accident.

The comprehensive solution provided should includes:
1. Replacement vehicle
2. Credit repair
3. Free legal representation
4. Retention of no claims bonus
5. No excess to pay
6. An enhanced customer experience.

Call ALI Assist today to get you back on the road as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our national repairer network and partnerships with trusted bodyshops and suppliers coupled with over decade experience in both UK and international business means we have the resources and expertise to deliver exceptional levels of customer satisfaction, ensuring a smooth claims process for all involved.

ALI Assist deals with all classes of commercial liability claims, including Property, Casualty and Professional Indemnity, in the UK and International Risk markets.

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